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missing in action

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there's a lot of good music that's coming out these days and I feel a bit overwhelmed. New deathcab, new sufjan, new kendrick all need to be listened to and digested. 

on the music front, we've been writing the next album really really hard. It feels like good, honest, hard work that is being put into this process and I can't wait to share some of the songs that's come out with the guys. we're now looking for producers and hoping to record in the next month or two. 

in the meantime, I've been pleasantly surprised by this band called The Sidekicks. phil ek did these guys well. band of horses second coming?

also got the opportunity to mix Mike Whang's new LP which should be coming out soon. aside from music, a couple vids here and there to keep the juices flowing, including this sweet tune from Ryan Yoo.