Daniel Chae

2012 in review


1. what's changed:a) michelle bang b) financial stability: western and dchae c) monsters calling home

a) michelle bang - met michelle in june in - nicknames: bbang, gun show, hamlet, kitten mittens, me-bbee, elle-hcim - first date was at hudson hotel library bar, started liking her when she invited me into her club doing the little rascals secret sign - went out to ny again in october, went to firefly lights, burger, levain - went out again at the end of december. highlights: domino's pizza + home alone 2, blueman, aneventofathread, brunch at abckitchen, central park snow, patsy's, conversations at stumptown, walked brooklyn bridge, Dumlet, hubba, and michelle crying as she prayed for me when I left. - smart, both pretty and cute, funny, honoring, supporting, thoughtful, patient, and kind.

b) western and dchae - got a raise at western - over $100k in wedding revenues - got featured on stylemepretty, greenweddingshoes and others - changed teams from Global to JPMorgan - constantly exhausted, especially in peak months of june-september - able to save at a 70% rate - tithing, joe guerra, gave $100 to a random dude on Western and the 101, helping financially at home, mozambique, retreats

c) monsters - foxbeard video, fight to keep video - honda and jimmy kimmel - managers pat, kyle, keith, william morris agency - kcrw and iTunes charts

2. major events - la marathon in 3:42, toughmudder, completing p90x - jimmy kimmel, touring w anberlin, flown out by atlantic and wind-up, playing with father john misty at ascap, kollaboration, troubadour, bootleg for honda - peter cho, newtown shooting, fiscal cliff, obama re-elected - sister: got straight a's, started running long distance

3. reflection and change a) strengths b) weaknesses c) goals d) outlandish goals

a) strengths - feel more disciplined, responsible. more communicative and open to share thoughts, words. - patience increased, kept up most days on daily devotionals - got a LITTLE bit better at thinking about others.. still have much room for improvement - better at supporting family financially - better at not taking shortcuts

b) weaknesses - not being able to truly put others before myself: selfish tendencies - trusting my own abilities and strengths: pride - not being able to let go of my accomplishments, both financially and figuratively: greed - easily getting upset if things don't go according to plan: impatience - not seeing impact/fruit in those around me. lack of abiding in holy spirit

c) goals - be more meek: even when I am justifiably correct, to lay down my rights and forgive/love - be poor in spirit: depend only on God. He is my only good. I can do nothing if I rely on my flesh - be interested in other's needs and concerns before mine. freely give time for others - be wise: not act impulsively and hastily. Not being indecisive nor a pushover. Being sure in my decisions. - to see fruit in those around me: dchae, monsters, lifestream, family. to be one who commands respect because of the man I am in god, not for my achievements, accomplishments, status or stature. - be a better brother and mentor, pour into others - be a better boyfriend to michelle, truly care for her, her needs, wants and desires, make her a better person

d) outlandish goals - tiny desk, MTV, bonnaroo - blackstone group or Columbia - buy parents a house and a car

prophetic pictures: 2012 - contract that is ripped up (trusting in ways of this world, burdens that I hold onto), braces 2013 - apple and seeds (bear fruit and spread seeds), blueprint and foundation block, pocketwatch (give time to others)

Lord, I know that I can do nothing without you. If I rely on my flesh, nothing will change. I wait on you, and I need your strength. Empty me of my burdens, of my wants, of my worries, and fill me with peace, kindness, love, and fruit that will last the test of time. Keep me humble and may truly become a dwelling place for you this year.