Daniel Chae

Aug and Sep 2013

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A snippet of every single day. This is a long term project I'm going to keep up for as long as I can. Life is crazy. The ordinary and mundane fleeting moments fly by only to be lost in a flurry of cloudy consciousness. It's beautiful when you take a step back and breathe. 

- fartsy Daniel

+ lots and lots of rehearsals
+ Sep 9: Cowboy Rocky is the best
+ Sep 15: Shot a wedding on the 14th, then departed from the Bay area at 1:30AM
+ Sep 20: Steven Tyler!
+ Sep 24: My go-to order is double meat, no cheese, whole grilled onions, raw onions, add mustard
+ dat iPhone image stabilization and quality doe (after the 26th)
+ Sep 29: $10,000 lens (not mine)
+ Sep 30: Copa got its Spirit!