Daniel Chae

Christmas Eve Halfie

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Christmas Eve 2012. Half Marathon? I haven't run a long distance on a while, it had just rained in the morning, and I had the afternoon free. Was greeted with an awesome surprise of deer on the run, near Sesnon and Balboa. Did you know there are deer in Los Angeles? What? Nevertheless, that moment was beautiful. The grass is as vibrant as ever after a shower, and it was pleasant to see in the valley, which is predominantly poo brown in color 95% of the year.

  I feel like I think best when I run. Essentially you're thinking about nothing, but then in that "emptiness" there's clarity and I find myself deep in thought. I love it. There's also this genuine sense of peace, calm, and happiness after you're spent on a long run. Lastly, there's nothing like soaking in a hot bath after a long run. Ddae mee ruh.

Thinking about LA Marathon again. I just don't know if I have it in me to train though. Anyone wanna join?.. Team Riceboyrun?... Merry Christmas alllllllllllllll