Daniel Chae

cloud canyon


My dear friend Michael Whang got engaged last month. He is a fulltime divinity student at Duke on a full scholarship and a 3/4 time worship pastor at a megachurch in North Carolina. He now has a new project called Cloud Canyon and he so graciously asked for my humble mastering services on their new EP. I think working with audio has got to be one of my favorite things to do. It's one of those things I don't mind losing sleep over, and oftentimes I find myself up into the wee hours of the night before noticing the time.

Mastering is very different from mixing. In mixing, you're aiming to achieve balance of the vocals and all the instruments on the track. Most of the tonal decisions and volume levels are achieved in this stage. Mastering is different in that you're looking to achieve a couple things: 1) Bring up the overall volume of the track 2) Make sure all the tracks sound similar in volume and tone 3) "Coloring" EQ and notching out undesirable frequencies.

Process: - eq to tighten up bass. boosting subs around 30hz and cutting 60hz and its octave, around 120hz. tight like a closed fist. - gave it some more air around 2.5 and 4k, 16k - compressed around 2k because the beater and snare were a bit harsh. this was my biggest concern in the overall - made the stereo image wider - went with la2a and L3 as limiters, Dorrough to monitor levels

Look out for the EP soon. Sounds like what I would call "Post-Alternative-Christian", the evolution of Jars of Clay and David Crowder mixed in with Explosions in the Sky.