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Here's an old video I did a couple years ago, but I'm kind of on this coffee thing right now.

Music Evenings - Still Young

Siphon brewed coffee made from Coava of Portland, Oregon.This was Shot on a 7D using Tokina 11-16 2.8 and Canon 70-200 2.8L II, Cinevate Slider. Edited in Final Cut, graded with Colorista II. _____________________

cof·fee /ˈkôfē/

We've been fortunate enough to have Slate Coffee so close to the studio up here in Seattle,  and I have to say, they've converted an unbeliever in me. I've been fortunate to be surrounded with friends in specialty coffee with such good coffee at House Roots, Copa Vida and Dulce, but something in me refused to give into enjoying coffee.

I always thought it was silly how into coffee people could get.. what's the big deal with coffee? Was it cuz I thought people who drank coffee were "old" and it was my refusal to grow up? What are these "chocolate and berry notes" people taste, and other "earthy" adjectives? How come I don't taste it!

We had coffee from slate three times now. Today, I had their finca la gloria, and the barista mentioned the chocolate-y and berry flavors. This was the first coffee I've had where the coffee tasted "chocolate-y". I kid you not, it felt like the flavor/fireworks scene from Ratatouille. It actually smelled like the really bitter dark chocolate bars at TJoes and tasted like it too. Then about five seconds later, I tasted tartness like in raspberries. Below happened~

Now, I understand not everyone will have the same experience I had, and people can easily poke fun at the above. I can also imagine coffee veterans poking fun at how noob I probably sound. But, I get it. Coffee snobs abound, and regretfully I probably now sound like one, but what the hell, great coffee is great coffee, and you can't take that away. The guys at Slate (Brandon Paul Weaver) have been nothing but welcoming and warm, conversational, sincere, NOT snobby, and their coffee has won me over to the dark side.

Add this to the list- I love hipsters. I love coffee. WHo cares.