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Dan and Stacy

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/ The first time I heard of Dan and Stacy was from friends swooning about how awesome their engagement video was. I was shocked at how many views it got, and by the end of it, I thought, "Dang that was good." / The first time I heard from Dan and Stacy was through a friendly email they sent over, where we chatted about Run River North and a little about photos and videos. / The first time IĀ met Dan and Stacy at a show RRN was playing in New York. They were even more awesome than I thought they'd be based off my "research", also known as facebook stalking and re-watching their engagement video many times. / The first time I saw Stacy and Dan embrace each other, I thought, "Damn, these two really love each other." / I wish nothing but the best for you guys. Take care and let's grab some food in NY!

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