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hip hop for the soul

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the music i'm listening to these days: 
d'angelo's voodoo
a$ap rocky's long.live.asap
flying lotus's los angeles
bishop nehru

my ears really find these albums refreshing at this moment in time, and it's making me antsy to start producing and creating. 

why you should check these albums out: 
d'angelo's voodoo (research)
     pino palladino (the who, john mayer's continuum, jmtrio) played bass 
     ?uestlove (the roots) played drums
     it just feels so good

a$ap rocky
i know i'm a bit late on this guy, but vice's music channel noisey has a great series on asap and how they came into being.  these guys are from harlem, my age, and doin big things. they are repping the east like oddfuture is doin for the west. they've got great production, rocky's got a great delivery, and their hipster swag is dope.

can't get enough of this song: "goldie"

flying lotus - los angeles
while on tour in des moines, the sound guy put on this album as background music, and while the rest of the guys went into the green room, i found myself 30 min later still vibe-ing with the whole album til the end.

bishop nehru
jimmy turned me on to this guy, but this nas claims this guy to be the next greatest rapping genius. this dude is 16, and has got me excited. jazzy, east coast, smart, soul rap. check out this track produced by disclosure.