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  beautiful. just beautiful.

look at how still his head is. the muscles. the spots. never blinking once. 1200 frames per second. feeling super inspired. by this. by type. i want to incorporate type. i want to get better.

browsing through Vimeo staff picks always makes me want to crawl out of my skin. it's few and far between i visit the staff picks section in vimeo, but every time i do, i'm terribly terribly inspired.

but for real though. you serious bro? the cheetah video above SCREAMS glory. wow. speechless.

sally shared yesterday as monsters met up to rehearse and pray, about an acquaintance who had given up on art and graphic design to help his family pay the bills with a gig at a cafe. he stumbled upon inspiration at a monsters show and on a whim decided to doodle. that doodle became more doodles, and soon he had a finished product in his hands. he showed the flyer to sally, she showed it to us, and we all really liked it. it became the flyer monsters used to promote the troubadour. he was surprised at the love, support, and even offers for other projects coming his way. it's stories like these that drag me by my hair out of this tiny little microcosm i call life, filled with my small worries, anxieties, whining, and complaining.

i'd rather give it freely to the ones that i call home

rainy friday
rainy friday

first rainy friday in a while. #vscocam #110freeway