Daniel Chae

January 2014

Daniel ChaeComment

January was an eventful month.
+RRN went on tour, taking us through Tuscon AZ, up the coast through SF, Portland, and Seattle, then to Montana, Idaho, through the Tetons and Yellowstone in Wyoming and into Colorado, then back home through Utah and Nevada.
+I got to go on a coffee crawl with my buddies, where we visited shops in SF, Portland, and Seattle, including Heart, Slate, Ritual, Saint Frank, Sightglass, Four Barrel, Coava, Front, and Linea.
+While on tour, I wanted to be sure I ran in every city we stopped. This included 27 degree weather in Portland, Merced Lake in SF, Green Lake in Seattle, 14 degree weather in Denver, running down the strip in Vegas, and a 0 degree weather in Jackson, Wyoming.

I am thankful for these experiences. May my life be pleasing to You, Lord.