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MCH in NY - Day 2

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More adventures from our second day here in NY. I love this city (orange soda).. I do I do I DO ooooooooSome observations: - Times Square is overcrowded and feels like a circus with all the costumes, naked cowboy, advertisements and tourists - High Line has expanded since the last time it was here and is great for people watching. The park sections of it are beautiful - There are a lot of summer dresses being worn, especially in Chelsea. Everyone dresses amazing (beautiful)! - Everyone seems to run. I like that. - Everyone dresses really nice. - Everyone seems to have a dog and is perfectly groomed. I like that. - "You need to be rich" to have the above three (Sally) - New York is GREAT in the summer, especially around dawn and at night

I love ny. Esp ny w mch.

[embed] http://vimeo.com/43719825 [/embed]