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hey ya'lllllllll. So! Monsters is performing at Troub this Tuesday and Sally has been hard at work prepping all the merch. I'm super happy the way it all turned out and I'm even more happy she's here to guest blog! Sally, take it away. Hey fellas/ladies in the blogging world! I've been super busy planning out all of the merchandise for the past month. With the help of many, many lovely, gifted, super, amazing artists (that I'd like to recognize: Annie Seo, Brian KimJames Chong (and his printing company Never Press), Jane Byon, Sam Hong, Thomas Kong, and Will Choi), I have nothing but graciousness towards you for lending me your time, skills, and ideas to this Monsters Merch Project. You guys all have created a special place in my heart. forever. Basically, what you're seeing here is the finished product of both shirts, available in sizes (S, M, and L), packaged with price tags, each uniquely drawn by the talented Jane Byon.

I spent a good chunk of time exploring the different choices of t-shirt manufacturers and printing companies. Luckily, my close friends at Cafe Dulce lent a hand, sharing their connections with a printing and shirt company. Choosing American Apparel shirts was a choice I made after talking to a Dulce barista/friend, Sam Hong, who explained that when making any merch and giving customers a piece of art, it should always be quality over quantity. Spending a little bit money and time is worth it in the end when you're able to deliver a good product.

Both shirt designs are designed by Annie Seo, one as a "Foxbeard" theme and one as a "Monsters Calling Home" inspired theme.

Each have lovingly been packaged by the hands of MCH's own Joe Chun, Jennifer Rim and merch man, Johnny Chang.

This last special project was the most fun to work on, with Lifestream's own Thomas Kong and my awesome cousin Annie Seo. With our already very personalized CD cases, I wanted to add something special that could be offered in our last batch of "Monsters Calling Home" CDs. Inspired by a poster in Sufjan Steven's latest "Silver and Gold" CD box set (thanks Jimmy Lee), I wanted to share different interpretations of our songs in drawing form.

I was so excited to see the images and it brought me back to why I love being in MCH; sharing stories that can inspire others in new ways. I love that music can bring so many different people together and create stirring conversations (i.e. how a 30-second bridge can make you question your identity as an Asian American, ha).

In spite of the tiring drives and manual labor of "Sally's Sweatshop", you guys all make it worthwhile. Just knowing that our music and our stories bring new and old things to light. I love you all. I love Monsters. I love Calarts.

Looking forward to meeting and seeing you all at the Troubadour (for those that were able to get tickets!). & I just want to say thanks to all that continually show love and support. All of your messages, comments, pictures encourage me (and the band) in so many waysssssss.

Love, Sally.