Daniel Chae

NYC | Summer

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New York City is such a busy and bustling place, filled with life, vigor, and ambition. However, sometimes this is easily confused with New Yorkers having the reputation of being rough, cold, and very to-the-point. Michelle and I thought it would be fun to paint a different picture by highlighting one color that stood out in a sea of muted colors, blacks and greys. It turns out the more we looked, the more we found, and what we found was something that altogether told a completely different story.

I'm a big believer that constraints encourages both creativity and focus. Rather than being restrictive, shooting only on the iPhone and only yellow enhanced creativity and excitement. We started to notice just how colorful people dressed, and with that, how many smiles that filled the warm summer air. The audio was recorded live in Washington Square Park, played by this awesome New Orleans Jazz Band that brought smiles to so many faces. The old man dressed in yellow checkers on the left created quite a scene.

I encourage you try this out! It would be to get a collective of these of different colors in different cities.