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RRN Summer Flyer

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While on our most recent tour with the GooGooDolls, we found ourselves in an old school diner in Buffalo, New York. On the walls there were vintage, old-school tour promos from the '40s and '50s of artists like Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. Alex pondered what our upcoming posters would look like if done in this fashion. 

July 26 NYC Bowery.jpg

This is just a mock-up that I did for fun (because I have way too much time dilly-dallying in the la coffee scene), but everyone on the label and our team liked it enough that we rolled with it. Rather than using a hipster, vsco'd out photo of some obscure landscape as the template, tackiness was the supreme goal. But, by trying not to be hipster, are we actually inherently being hipster? Damn.

The old promos were predominantly text-driven, unlike ones commonly seen today. They used corny, "eye-catching" phrases as a visual effect. We are corny, and we are eye-catching, so, naturally. *hat tip bow*

RRN Summer (NM add).jpg

We will be on tour all summer so if we're in a town near you, we'd love to see ya. 
For tickets: runrivernorth.com/tour