Daniel Chae

Run: Minimus Road


On Sunday I was taking a shower .. aside: is it just me or do you have some of your most profound thoughts while in the shower, actually the bathroom in general.. end aside.. and I realized that this blog isn't really a blog. It's a "blog" in the sense that I put my photos and videos and other works up, but it's not a blog in the sense where I just simply straight up write. About life. There's quite a bit that goes on aside from photos and videos and such, so why not share that as well? Not sure how this will be received but what they hay, more for you to read, albeit hopefully entertaining. Earlier this year I was sitting randomly and without thinking, uttered the words, "I'm going to run the LA marathon". I felt so convinced I was going to. I didn't know this would require daily training, multiple runs of multiple miles for multiple weeks. Pain. It was tough, but coming out of it, I can confidently say that it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Alex and Sarah: you don't know how much it means you guys were there. Anyway, after finishing the marathon, I enjoyed it so much that I kept running. I've even made it a goal to try and run the Boston Marathon, which is a race you actually have to qualify for. I'm pretty far from qualifying, but I know slowly but surely it'll happen.

Jump back to a couple weeks before the LA marathon. My good friend Charles from the band Feats in Inches, shared this video:


Just, wow right? I really enjoyed the video on so many levels. First of all, I wanted the shoes just because that dude looks so badass. Secondly, the video looked awesome from an editing and shooting perspective. Thirdly, marketing through telling stories is genius. It grabs your attention. It worked on me. And, yes, count it, SIX people at church (charles,joe,jimmy,whan,daniel,daniel-me,grace). HAHA

Anyway, I finished the LA marathon with those shoes. I don't know if you noticed, but those shoes are specifically designed as TRAIL RUNNERS. Implications: great for feeling the ground on trails, but completely pointless for road running. This means no cushion for long runs, which means, lots of ouchies on my knees and toes. But yeah, I still bought them. And used them. I actually used them a lot, and I'm gonna venture to say I logged at least 700 miles with them. They've been with me all around the San Fernando Valley and I also got the opportunity to run with them in San Francisco, Alameda, Oakland, New York, and Yosemite just off the top of my head. I loved those shoes. I felt they made my feet and legs stronger.

Unfortunately, they weren't designed for the road and they weren't designed to last that long. But I refused to switch shoes. I finally conceded when I was running down Reseda and stepped on a spiky ball seed from a tree, puncturing my shoe and stabbing my foot underneath. I needed a new shoe. THIS BRINGS US TO YESTERDAY..

After a nice lunch at Brat's Bros (poor man's Wurstkuche in the valley on Ventura), I convinced the guys to head to Fleet Feet. I was ready to drop $150 for some overpriced cushiony shoes. I really didn't want to get cushiony supported shoes for the life of me, because I REALLY do believe in the minimal running phenomenon and how not only does it make you stronger, but the mid heel striking does prevent injuries in the long run. But, I was ready.

We get there and see shoes being sold for $20 a piece. Better yet, 2 for $30 and 3 for $40. Even better yet, they're MINIMUSes ROADS! Alex, Charles and Susan didn't even need shoes but we all ended up getting them for the awesome price of.......$13 each. MSRP $100. Black Friday shopping done right: no lines, 90% off.


Got to go on a run with them today, and they feel great. Definitely lots more support than the Minimus Trail but not too much where it feels like you're running on clouds and not a load to run in. Today, ran 8.7 miles at a pace of 7:40/min. IF you're feeling super special and super stalkerish, you can follow my runs here: http://runkeeper.com/user/247714548/profile. It's a pretty awesome site and I actually get inspired to run looking at other people's runs; hopefully has the same effect on you.

Be on the look out for more random blog posts! daniel