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Steven Tyler...

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Yesterday, Steven Tyler started the audience clap while we performed "Fight to Keep" at the Sunset Marquis. 'Twas a normal day, another show, another warm-up session, another prayer before the set, and another "it's morphin' time" before going on stage. Then Joe noticed Steven Tyler in the crowd. Insert stalker photo..


"He's here!?"
"He's probably here for the other band and will leave after"
"I don't wanna close my eyessss (wail)"
"Sweeeeeeet Emoooooootionnnnnnnnnnn"

After Foxbeard, Joe saw Steven impressed and quickly told Jen. Jen continued looking towards his direction as Fight to Keep started. I went over to Jen to give her a heads up on a violin part for the acoustic set, she didn't hear a word I said as she was too busy staring at Steven as he clapped. After the set, the crowd graciously asked for an encore and we finished the night with Mr. Brightside. End set. walk into green room. Then this..

He graciously offered selfies with Jen and Joe and offered kind words and advice. I tried to take a picture of him discreetly. I was so smooth.. I put the phone on vibrate, opened up the camera app, then took a picture. The flash went off and Joe looked over and said "...what are you doin?.." Steven looked at me and smiled.

*ASS* stamp on my life

It was refreshing hearing encouragement filled with expletives.. it kinda seems more genuine I suppose. He told us stories about life on the road and encouraged us to continue working, keep getting tighter til it's effortless.

"Yall got somethin magical.. I saw it tonight".
*cue american idol music.

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