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The American Dream

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I came across this interesting article discussing the current "juicing" trend that is in vogue. Although I haven't juiced yet, I am guilty of purchasing acai bowls from Liquiteria one too many times. I love the following paragraph and it got me thinkin..

Juice cleansing is also a marriage of three things that Americans love: hygiene, health, and morality. We, more than any other country, are suckers for anything that promises positive hygiene. We spend more on soap, shampoo, Purell, deodorant, and random gels, sprays, moisturizers, and creams than we do on our foreign cars. To be unclean used to be a metaphor for other sins, like adultery or coveting others’ wealth; now it’s a revulsion in and of itself.
— from "Juice Heads" in Nov issue of NY Mag

The American Dream that was founded on the "pursuit of happiness" has now evolved into hygeine, health, and morality. We value organic soaps and charity to make ourselves feel good. I ain't hatin on culture cuz I'm totally guilty of this mindset as well. Just sayin.. some food for thought.

The full article can be found here: http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/10/juice-trends-and-the-nutrition-cult.html