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water & the blood.. NY.. the nets

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I haven't been this excited about an album in quite a while. On first listen, my immediate thought was "wow, refreshing."  

In other news, we spent the last two weeks in New York. I fell so hard for the city the first time that my cynical self thought I'd get over it the more I went. But, the more I go, the more I love it. Some highlights (seen below) include:

+ citibiking empty NY streets at 2am with my stomach leading the way - "street meat" as Jalen Rose calls it;
+ having the opportunity to serve at Father's Heart serving homeless breakfast (I cried three times.. you would too seeing a proud grown black man and a hispanic gangster cry after being prayed for);
+ VH1, CMJ, ADA, PKT, Wall Street Journal!
+ coffee coffee coffee;
+ running into Ashima! Joe would always say as a joke he would be climbing in Central Park and Ashima would come and climb with him. This really happened.

Lastly, since the lakers season is in shambles, let's go nets. am i less of a bandwagoner if it's from across the country?

pierce*, dream 4-5 high/low of garnett***-lopez, deron, joe johnson

off the bench: jason terry*+, blatche, kirilenko**, reggie evans**, LIVINGSTON!? Brooklyn <333 

*vet w championship experience
+sixth man of the year
**lockdown defender

btw, I absolutely love the NBA Previews Grantland is putting up. Entertaining, insightful, and hilarious. Sadly, I must confess I have watched every single one of them.

Welp, that's all for now. Lots of exciting stuff on the horizon though! RRN Residency at Hotel Cafe all of November, PBS spotlight, Fight to Keep music video, blahalbh will keep ya posted.

Signing off
- Nets fan.