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I first heard about Wolvesmouth while watching Munchies in an episode where they covered Bestia. Munchies does a great series called "Chef's Night Out" in which they follow a highly touted or an up and coming chef on their night off. I really appreciate this because you get to peek inside where a chef likes to spend the day off and eat out.

This accomplishes two things:
1) discovery of great food that probably has yet to be overexploited by overzealous asians on Yelp (too bad I can say that cuz I'm asian but if you ain't asian, please resist) and
2) you get an inside look on not just the food scene, but the culture of the city the restaurant serves. I believe this to be true because no other service gets a better look at the culture, style, look, feel, and scene of a city than a restaurant does because of the transient nature of a restaurant, especially one at the top of their game in the moment (a la, Bestia).

I'm not a chef but it appears that the highest compliment you can get as a chef is the one Ari gives Wolvesmouth - no nonsense, genuine appreciation and respect from another chef just absolutely killing it. I am not a food critic and I don't feel I have much to offer in this realm. However, this experience was very enjoyable and memorable,  and worth discussing even from someone with such limited vocabulary in this realm. Fortunately, Michelle and I were able to snag an invite for two. 

Wolvesmouth served a 9-course meal that had everything from ribeye cap paired w strawberries and beef tongue, to rabbit and avocado tomatillo, to yuzu lime tart. the food was absolutely beautiful and food was superb. You could sense the excitement and thrill Chef Craig feels when breaking preconceptions of food that may not seem to make sense on paper and helping patrons along in their new revelations. 

Aside from the food, the experience was delightful as well. You are seated with 18 other people at one large table and encouraged to bring your own adult beverages. We quickly learned others, like us, didn't know quite what to expect, but everyone was sweet and journeying along with them was pleasant. Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods was also there shooting an episode on Wolvesmouth. Rather than the lights and cameras being a distraction, I thought it added to this bizarre experience and made it more memorable. Andrew also prepped a couple dishes and was very sweet to everyone.